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The Conscious Living Project; Nature to Nurture’s Launch to Sustainability / children

The Conscious Living Project; Nature to Nurture’s Launch to Sustainability

The Conscious Living Project; Nature to Nurture’s Launch to Sustainability

Nature to Nurture, your favorite brand of eco-conscious, all-natural baby, household and personal care products recently launched its CSR endeavor entitled, “The Conscious Living Project, Moving Closer to a Healthier Tomorrow”.

The event which celebrated the launch was held on September 28, Saturday at The Community Trade located in BGC, Taguig and involved the following topics:

  • Youth in Action on Climate Change by Lia Cua. This was an informative discussion on global warming and climate change and how these things prompted her to start her advocacy on environmentalism (founded Earth Crew Kids) which involves raising awareness of environmental issues and encouraging people to reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • The Pursuit of the Zero-Waste Lifestyle by Rosanne Unson. Sharing how she started Zero-Waste Lifestyle, she shared advice on little steps we can take at and out of home to help reduce waste. Roseann also disc ussed the current environmental hot topic, the Bokashi Composting System.
  • Urban Gardening Workshop by Carlo Sumaoang. Carlo discussed types of gardening and taught moms and kids the proper way to take care of plants while letting their hands get dirty in the soil.
  • Nature to Nurture founder, Jacqueline Siy, finally ended the day with a discussion on Sustainability and now Nature to Nurture aims to provide more recycling options to their already environmentally secure products.

While looking back on the reason for the brand’s existence, creators of the Nature to Nurture brand realized that the idea of creating safer homes goes beyond just the physical space one lives in. Home also means our bodies, the people that matter to us and of course, the earth we all inhabit. With this shift in perspective, the company accepted the responsibility for not just the products that they create but also on how they conduct business and the acceptance of how the decisions they make affect the environment and ultimately, the future.

As raising kids becomes more hands on, parents need all the help and support they can get. Convenience becomes one of the priorities for them to fulfill their roles in the face of many challenges. From the ability to understand the needs of its target market while simultaneously the need to protect nature, the idea of The Nature to Nurture Conscious Living Project was born. Through this initiative, the company aims to raise awareness within the community they are a part of about each person’s activities, decisions, options and how these will impact us and our children in the future. Outlined below are some of Nature to Nurture’s Sustainability Efforts:

  • Product Development Principles
  • Ensuring that products are safe for humans and the environment
  • Producing products that live true to their brand promise , thereby avoiding waste of natural resources, time, energy and money
  • Product Development Process
  • Product Mileage: concentrated so the customer gets the most out of a bottle purchased
  • Product Packaging: making it as compact as possible to lower carbon footprint in terms of transportation
  • Product Features and Benefits: with effective products produced, there will be no reason to re-wash or redo the cleaning
  • Other options: Using less plastic like with the Nature to Nurture Kids’ Toothbrush
  • Choosing packaging that is often recyclable
  • Bulk Sizes: products come in 4liter jugs sizing
  • Refilling Stations: offering zero-waste back-to-basics retailing. Available in The Parenting Emporium and various baby fairs that Nature to Nurture will participate in (Watch our IG and social media pages for updates!)

The goal of this Conscious Living Project is to raise awareness and give people tools to live in a world of where good health sparks various possibilities. Nature to Nurture believes that what we put out into the environment eventually comes back to us and affects our health. It therefore, becomes every person’s business to clean up our waste.

The mechanics for this endeavor:

  1. Collect Nature to Nurture plastic bottles, refill pouches, sprayer bottles and plastic accessories.
  2. Make sure to clean and dry before returning.
  3. Two ways to return:
  4. Drop & Shop – return clean empties/accessories to partner merchants and get instant rebate or
  5. Capture & Send – take a photo of empties/accessories with the manufacturing date before and after disposing responsibly. Send photo proof via FB/IG and get e-rebate.

All plastics collected will be upcycled into school chairs, tiles and benches by our recycling plant partner, Envirotech Waste Recycling Company.

With this endeavor, Nature to Nurture hopes to make purchasing their product a win-win solution not just to the customer who gets products safe for their kids, pets and homes, but also safe for the environment. Available options such as this are not only environmentally considerate but also promote a habit of recycling, which in turn will reduce waste.

The day ended with all attendees feeling hopeful that should each and every person, live mindfully and consciously, the world will truly be a better and safer place for a long time to come.


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