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Nature to Nurture Tooth Explorers 3D Training Toothbrush, 2 years & up

  • 360 degrees thorough cleaning toothbrush for sparkling teeth from every angle
  • Ultra soft gentle bristles
  • Designed with a tongue cleaner for an all-around clean.

Our 3D training toothbrush features multi-angle soft bristles that meticulously clean all three sides of your child's teeth, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive clean with every brush. No more worrying about those tricky spots that traditional brushes might miss – our Tooth Explorers toothbrush easily reaches and cleans even the most hard-to-reach areas. Designed with your child in mind, the easy-to-grip, non-slip handle makes it perfect for little hands, encouraging independence and making brushing an enjoyable experience. Plus, with a built-in tongue cleaner, it provides an all-around clean, leaving your child's mouth feeling fresh and revitalized.


Brush at least twice a day after meals. Use with Nature to Nurture toothpastes to complete a good brushtime routine.