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Toys That Toddlers Actually Need

Toys That Toddlers Actually Need

Just like every other parent, we will do everything we can to provide our children with things they need. And sometimes, we tend to go overboard and spoil them with too much. One of the things that are unnecessarily plentiful in a toddler’s life are toys. You’d be happy to know that there are only a handful of toys that toddlers actually need. 

Read on to find out what toys can actually entertain and even help aid in the development of a toddler. 


Because books obviously contain a lot of words, toddlers can learn new words and be able to develop better communication skills. In fact, language and communication skills are the most important development accomplishment children up to 3 years old can reach. Because books also contain different stories and scenarios, children can also develop empathy through reading at a very early age. Most of all, reading books together with your child can open a new bonding activity for the both of you!

Art Supplies

The greatest thing about introducing art to toddlers is the fact that art does not have any rule. Because of this, children get to have freedom in expressing their creativity in different ways. In addition to this, art gives toddlers all kinds of benefits such as fine motor development skills, hand-eye coordination, self-expression, and even stress reduction.

Roleplaying Toys

Another toy that awakens and develops empathy in children are roleplaying toys. Because kids get to dress up as someone else, they literally put their minds in playing the part of being another person. The roleplay allows them to develop not only their imagination and empathy, but also broadens their language, thinking, and even social skills. 

Building Blocks

Yet another toy that brings out creativity are building blocks. Apart from creativity, however, building blocks can also help develop problem solving and spatial reasoning skills. With the goal of stacking and stabilising blocks, children also develop perseverance and patience while playing. For younger children who do not yet know how to build, simply holding blocks of different colors and sizes can already be entertaining and fun. 

We hope that this list is of help to you, moms and dads! Be sure to not get too overwhelmed the next time you go and visit a toystore. Always make sure to get good quality educational toys that will not only entertain your little one, but also help in their day-to-day development. 

P.S. Since we know how much toys get thrown around the house and get into the mouths of our little ones, always make sure to keep them clean and sanitized at all times.

P.P.S. Nature to Nurture’s Multi-Surface Cleaner is the perfect cleaner for your little one’s toys. It is plant-based, non-toxic, and safe for babies. It contains tea-tree essential oil for added cleaning power and helps naturally break down dirt, grease, and grime with its plant-based ingredients. All you have to do is to spray, wait for five seconds, and wipe. Et voila, say bye bye to E.coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria! 


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