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Black and White Visual Aids for Newborns

Black and White Visual Aids for Newborns

Black and White Images

We always associate bright colors with babies. It may be because these are pleasing to the eyes. Did you know that instead of bright colors, we should expose babies to black and white instead? 

That's right, black and white two-tone images actually help babies. The reason behind this is the fact that when a baby is born, the retina is not yet fully developed and the eyes can only detect highly contrasting black and white images. Because all things are blurred and out of focus, contrasting black and white images will catch a baby's focus and attention. 

Over the course of the first six months of their lives, the optic nerves of newborns will continue to develop. Black and white contrasting images will not only help with optical stimulation, but will also entertain your baby. 

Here are some black and white visual aids that you can print out and place in the nursery.

Free Printables:

We hope that these visual aids will help you and your baby. Don't forget to tag us and let us know on our social media pages if you were able to use these printables. We would love to see them!