Doing laundry can be a daunting task especially during rainy days. It can be costly and time consuming. So here are some green and efficient laundry tips that will help you save time, money, and the environment.


  1. Wash in cold water

Washing in cold water reduces energy in heating water. It prevents stains from setting and reduces wrinkling. It keeps colors bright and slows wear and tear.

  1. Sort clothes

Sort dirty laundry into whites, colors and delicates. Use different hampers for each or use a hamper bag with built in divisions. This saves time when doing laundry.

  1. Go green

In choosing which type of washing machine to buy, opt for high efficiency washing machines. HE machines uses less water and detergent.

Shifting to eco-friendly concentrated laundry detergent will not only save the amount of detergent needed per wash, you also help protect the planet. Not only do these detergents use biodegradable ingredients that reduces toxins in our homes and are safe for aquatic life, they also use reduced packaging and less energy in transporting.

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Choose laundry detergents that are effective in removing and preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Clothes that do not dry properly usually develop a musty smell even detergents fancily fragranced cannot mask.

liquid detergent F&C raw ad  4. Run full loads

By running full loads of laundry, you reduce the number of wash each week. This can significantly save water, detergent, and energy.

  1. Avoid using bleach

Chlorine bleach has indeed revolutionized laundry and cleaning. It not only disinfects, but it also quickly whitens clothes and removes stains. However, chlorine bleach is not only harmful to the environment but also to our lungs and skin. Instead of chlorine bleach, use oxygen whiteners or detergents with sodium percarbonate. Oxygen whiteners contain hydrogen peroxide that breaks down into oxygen and water. To naturally brighten whites, use ½ cup of lemon juice mixed with hot water and soak overnight or add to the washer during the rinse cycle.



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