What is the Bundle and Save promo?
In a single purchase, for every 6 items purchased from our website, you get one additional free item. Or for every 9 items purchased, you get 2 additional items for free! The free item is the lowest price among the items in your cart.  Click on https://naturetonurtureph.com/shopinbundlesandsave/ to know more.
Can I cancel my order if I suddenly change my mind after confirming?
Orders can be cancelled within 24 hours. Just give us a notice via email at thegoodstuff@naturetonurtureph.com or message us on our Facebook or Instagram page (@naturetonurtureph).



What types of payment do you accept?
We currently accept payments via bank deposit and online transfer at Bank of Philippine Islands, Banco de Oro, credit card or remittance via Cebuana Lhuillier, MLhuillier, Palawan.
What is the next step after placing my order?
We’ll get in touch with you confirming your order via email and text message. Instructions on where to send payment will be given. You will be asked to send us a copy of the proof of payment before your order will be scheduled for shipping. Email us at thegoodstuff@naturetonurtureph.com or message us on our Facebook and Instagram pages (@natureotnurtureph)



How long will it take to ship my order?
For Metro Manila locations, it normally takes 1-3 business days to receive your order. We always try our best to deliver your order to you the soonest. Depending on your shipping location, we can arrange same day delivery.
How much is the shipping fee?
For shipping locations within South and East area of Metro Manila, shipping fee is Php150. The rest of Metro Manila, shipping fee is Php100.
Do you ship internationally?
We currently do not ship internationally.
How can I track my order?
To follow up on your order, just email us at thegoodstuff@naturetonurtureph.com or message us on our Facebook and Instagram pages (@natureotnurtureph).


Returns & Exchanges

Can I return my order?
Returns due to change of mind are not accepted. We carefully pack and check your orders before shipping. However, in the unlikely event that the fault is on our part, we’ll accept exchanges at our expense.
How do exchanges work?
In the event that you receive a wrong item, please email us at naturetonurtureph@yahoo.com or message us on our Facebook and Instagram pages (@natureotnurtureph) indicating your order number and account details. When exchange is due to change of mind, the buyer shoulders the shipping fee to and from us. The amount of item to be exchanged should be equal to the amount paid. Additional payment will be needed if the amount to be exchanged is greater than the previously paid amount.


About Our Products

Where are your products made?
Our products are proudly Philippine designed and made.
How are your products different?
A lot of “organic” products have been introduced in the market for the past years. However, there has been no specific guideline as to the definition of the word organic. Products with different shades of green are housed under the word natural making it a broad-spectrum term. In creating our products, we make it a point to use naturally-derived ingredients as possible as it can be.


Our products undergo a long period of research and development to ensure that the ingredients put in are safe, effective, and cost efficient. We aim to optimize by simplifying our formulation.  When a product is halfway through the development but still does not meet our standards, we do not hesitate to go back to the drawing board. We thoughtfully design and create each product to make cleaning easier, safer and enjoyable.


Click on https://naturetonurtureph.com/about-us/ to know more about us.

Are your products safe for babies and pregnant women?
Nature to Nurture was created putting health as the number one priority. Each product is carefully formulated to make it safe to use around babies. All of its products are plant and mineral based, free of nasty chemicals such as- SLS, SLES, phthalates, parabens, dyes, phosphates, synthetic fragrances and colorants, formaldehyde and caustics. They are even safe to use around pets.


We employ a minimalist approach in creating our products-that is we only put what is needed for the product to perform their intended function. For pregnant women, although the essential oils we put are generally safe in quantity, it still best to ask for the go signal of your doctor.

What makes your bottle wash different and effective?
Have you encountered drinking water from a glass that tastes like soap? Babies experience them too, but sadly, they do not have the capability to tell us so. Our bottle wash is fragrance free, leaving no fragrance residue. It is also powered by baking soda, which effectively removes odors and grease from breast milk, leaving bottles and nipples squeaky clean and residue free. It easily rinses out, saving you water and time in washing. It is very concentrated. A few pumps are all you need to wash several bottles. It is also safe to use in washing fruits and vegetables.
What is the difference between the Multi Purpose Cleaner and Multi Surface Cleaner?
Our Multi Purpose Cleaner provides versatility in usage. It can be used to dilute in water for mopping or wet wiping. The diluted solution can also be placed in a sprayer bottle for spray cleaning. A liter of concentrate makes around 40-liter diluted solution. The Multi Surface Cleaner on the other hand comes in a convenient spray bottle. It is like the diluted version of the Multi Purpose Cleaner. Though they have a slightly different formulation, both are safe to use on virtually all surface. Just in the case of using new products, always test on an inconspicuous area first before using.



Do you accept resellers/stockists?
For inquiries, please email us at thegoodstuff@naturetonurtureph.com or message us on our Facebook and Instagram pages (@natureotnurtureph).

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