3 Ways to Zero-Waste Shop for the New Year

If, like any Mom in the world, you shop both for personal items and for your family’s groceries, you may be overwhelmed thinking that zero-waste shopping hasn’t quite made it to Philippine shores just yet. According to the web, the definition of Zero-waste; It is the conservation of all resources by means of responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of all products, packaging, and materials, without burning them, and without discharges to land, water, .

Practice Safe Swimming: Risks and Prevention

Summer is at its peak. Some children may be in the middle of their summer break, while some are just about to start. With the constant high temperature, summer has been dubbed as the pool season. Recreational swimming has been a favorite activity of families during summer as a means to beat the heat. Some would head over to their favorite beach spots, while some opt to dip in swimming pools or play with .
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